Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya is the huge tropical garden located in Bedugul, plateau area in Bali. it is situated in then cool atmosphere with rain forest and hill surrounnded it. This botanical garden is opened on 1959 and owns 154,5 ha land located in Tabanan regency, northwest part of Bali. it is close to the beautiful lake which is called Beratan lake and Ulundanu Temple. it is completed by more than 1187 plant type and multifarious of floras. In this are, there is orchid garden with the collection of 320 orchid type fro Bali, Java, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Sulawesi and also Irian Jaya. We can also meet the rose garden with the collection of various rose from rust colored until green chromatic. 

Other Collection Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya is also completed by 524 birches which are still it is original forest. In this place we can meet the collection from America, South America, China, Japan, Australia, Africa and also Netherlandas. Cyathea garden is one the of the specific gardens owning the various collection of Paku-Pakuan (tropical vegetable) which can be eaten as vegetable by balinese and some of them are used for decoration. The tree from this nail cyatheas are often exploited as growth media of various orchid type. Cactus collections are consisted of 104 type. This cactus is obtained from Africa, America, Germany, Switzerland and also Indoseia. The crop season of Botanical Garden is taken 94 type plants that are the collection from the exploitation for Balinese life ceremony, Temple ceremony, devoting/offering and others purpose. It also owns the collection k of Drug crop with 84 type/species.

Favorite Tourist Destination In Bali Beside of the crop collections, Bedugul Botanical Garden or  Kebun Raya Eka Karya also owns the Traditional Balinese houses and it function as guest house for scientist who is doing observation. It is also opened for public including tourist and to be one of favorite destination in Bali especially for domestic tourist. The most crowded visitor at this place are on Lebaran (moslem holiday), Balinese holiday, National Holidays and New Year Period.

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