The 3D illusion has started from Korea and have been praised to all over the world and now is coming to Bali for the most beautiful Holidays spot in Indonesia. Which is located in Jalan Nakula, Seminyak. Great place and easy to find. The 3D Museum here in Bali has been be coming another one of the tourist atttaction that Should be visit during your vacation in Bali, by expresing bautiful scenaries and customer in Bali based on the expertise of DMZ museum that has creating numerous trick art.
From the illusion trickery art at the entrance to the labyrinth of Egyption Pyramid, and the worl of imaginations afterwards will be guide you on to a whole new world with full and joy that could be only brought to you through the 3D special illusion art.
In the museum you will be see and enjoy 120 art pieces, created by the world renowned illusion artist from korea.
Come and make your special memories with your lovely family in DMZ 3D if you on vacation in Bali, the world most fantastic and great illusion art museum.